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Day 3: The summit!

posted on 20 Oct 2015 Triglav — 5 Oct 2015 triglav-view-east.jpg

Wow!!! When I got up on the third day the sky had completely cleared and everything around was covered in snow. The view was amazing!

Morning view of Kredarici mountain hut Sunrise before the Triglav summit Morning view over the helipad

That morning the regular crew of the mountain hut went back home with a helicopter. A local team of meteorologist took over their task of hosting the hikers.

Crew going home Crew going home

During the time I was "recovering" and drying in the hut I met two other hikers that were going to go to the top the next day as well. Afterwards they were going all the way down and would go back to Ljubljana and offered me a ride back. So we decided to climb the Triglav and hike down together on the third day.

Just before we left another guy decided to join us. He was a well-experienced hiker and had already climbed the Triglav 60 times. So he was a nice addition to the team.

The rest of the summit I won't explain. Instead I will let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy:

Going up: Going up Going up Going up Going up View at stolp

View over the Vrata valley: View over Vrata View over Vrata

View over the clouded Bohinj lake: View over Bohinj lake

View over Austria: View north

View over the mountain hut: View over Kredarici View over Kredarici

The Triglav (right) and it's little sister Mali Triglav (left) Triglav and it's little sister Mali Triglav Pass from Mali Triglav

The Triglav Window: The Triglav Window

The summit! Triglav top team Triglav summit stolp Triglav summit with Jaka

Everyone who arrives at the top should go through a ritual: bending over and getting spanked three times by a rope. So this is what's happening here: Triglav spanking ritual

Triglav stolp

Triglav selfie

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