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1 year, 7 months, 6 days: thank you!

My trip in flags
posted on 12 Jul 2017 Waregem — 18 Apr 2017 My trip in flags

In case someone is wondering: I made it back home. After travelling for 1 year, 7 months and 6 days I arrived back on our doorstep on April 18th, surprising my brother and mother.

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Sufi dancing in Omdurman

Kids watching the Sufi dance
posted on 5 May 2017 Khartoum — 4 Feb 2016 Kids watching the Sufi dance

During my time in Khartoum I went to Omdurman, a city just North of Khartoum, where every Friday, just before sunset, there's a dancing ceremony. It is held in the cemetery next to the tomb of Sufi leaders.

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Generosity in Sudan

Pyramids of Meroe
posted on 26 Mar 2017 Khartoum — 4 Feb 2016 Pyramids of Meroe

The point of my trip was to travel over land as much as possible. Hitchhiking, (mini)buses, trains, boats. But when I left Belgium I was sure to fly at least one time. I would go from Egypt to Ethiopia by air as to avoid travelling in Sudan, which was said to be very unsafe.

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To Be Continued...

View from Soul Surfer
posted on 14 Feb 2017 Muizenberg — 12 Feb 2017 View from Soul Surfer

I am recovering just fine but I haven't recovered well enough to finish my cycling trip this time around. So I left my bicycle at Wild Spirit and I'm going to continue my trip some time in the future.

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Bicycle meets Truck

Still looking good a couple of hours before the crash
posted on 29 Jan 2017 Knysna — 26 Jan 2017 Still looking good a couple of hours before the crash

I wish I didn't have to write this but I do: my bicycle trip has come to an abrupt end.. I got hit by a truck in Knysna, on my 22nd cycling day, 57 km in, towards Wilderness.

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Cycle touring like a pro

Nameless (for now)
posted on 8 Dec 2016 Johannesburg — 25 Nov 2016 Nameless (for now)

I got another bicycle. A better one (sorry Humber). One that will hopefully take me all the way to Cape Town!

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Bikepacking from Malawi to Zambia

The Humber, when it was brand new
posted on 10 Nov 2016 Rufunsa — 15 Oct 2016 The Humber, when it was brand new

I've been backpacking for quite a while now. More than a year! It has been incredible. And still is. But I had been thinking of changing my mode of transport. More specifically to cycling. On the one hand because I had been squeezed into too many minibuses on my way down. On the other hand because other people had inspired me to try cycling.

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The Bethlehem Wall

posted on 22 Oct 2016 Bethlehem — 24 Nov 2015 Artwork

Many people know about the Berlin Wall. And that it was taken down in '89, uniting east and west Berlin. Tourists visit the Wall and its museums. Learning about the dark times and remembering themselves that this shouldn't happen again.

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Pictures of Hebron

Drinking tea in the barn!
posted on 18 Sep 2016 Hebron — 20 Nov 2015 Drinking tea in the barn!

We came back to Hebron completely overwhelmed by what had happened in Nabi Saley. So we decided to help out with ISM where we could.

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