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Rain is not my friend

posted on 13 Nov 2015 Bratislava — 12 Oct 2015 bratislava-rain.jpg

The day I started hitchhiking from Rakol'uby towards Hungary was quite gloomy again: it was cold, the sky was covered in clouds and it looked like it would start raining pretty soon. Nevertheless I tried to hitchhike towards Hungary anyway. I tried to go towards Nitra first, which would bring me on a highway towards Hungary.

After looking a bit for a good place to stay I found a ride quickly with Vladimir, a talkative guy who travels a lot and also hitchhikes from time to time. During his last adventure, he hitchhiked 10.000 km, from Slovakia to Scandinavia and back. Pretty impressive!

During the ride it started raining a lot, but Vladimir assured me that this would in fact not be a problem. However, we missed the last petrol station and I instead got dropped of at an on-ramp. This turned out to be a bit of a problem. With the rain and only one car passing by every minute, my chances were very slim of getting picked up again.

After trying for a couple of hours I decided to walk to the city of Sered' and look for an alternative to move on, since staying there didn't seem so attractive. Luckily, a bus leaving an hour later would drive back to Bratislava for only €3. So I arrived in Bratislava and ended up staying with my cousin again. Oops :-).

Rainy day in Bratislava

Hungary would have to wait a day longer for me! Instead I had some fries with mayo, made Belgian-style with my cousing:

Belgian fries

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