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Romania: perfect for hitchhiking

posted on 16 Jan 2016 Timișoara — 1 Nov 2015 timisoara-church.jpg

Because of various reasons, I decided not to go to Bucharest after Sibiu. A lot of people on the way we're not very enthusiastic about the city, and I want to go back to Romania in the future anyway. I also needed to save some time because I had booked a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv. So I prepared myself to make my way to Serbia and I hitchhiked to Timișoara to spend my two last nights in Romania there.

I spent the first evening with my very nice Couchsurf host, who just came back from 10 months of travelling, and my last driver. We went into the city and had some good and local Romanian beers and shared some interesting stories about travelling and Romania's history and current situation.

During my last day in Romania, I walked around the city of Timișoara and went to the Memorialul Revolutei, a very interesting museum about the 1989 Revolution, which started in Timișoara and marked the end of Ceausescu's reign. I spent my last night with some people in met in a bar. They waived me goodbye with some good advice: "Don't look sad, smile!!".

The inside of Romania's biggest church (until a bigger one opens in Bucharest) Timișoara church

After spending 2.5 weeks in Romania, these are some final thoughts: the nature is beautiful, the people are very friendly and welcoming, Romania has an extreme (and increasing) number of churches, it's perfect for hitchhiking and it has a lot of imported cars.

Thanks to all the nice and beautiful people I met so here! I will come back!

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