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Skyping home

posted on 11 Jan 2016 Sibiu — 30 Oct 2015 sibiu-skype-scouts.png

From Brasov I hitchhiked the same road to Sibiu again, but not before making a stop in Codlea. I have a few friends from Berlin that are originally from that small town and I wanted to surprise them. There wasn't much to do there, so I just took a picture to proof that I had passed through the town.

Me in Codlea

Later that Friday, I arrived in a nice hostel in the center of Sibiu. On this day the Scouts from my home town had a party and, since I could not attend the party, I promised them I would Skype and drink a beer with my friends back home, from a distance.

My preparation for the Skype call: Timisoreana Skype call as seen from my home town: Skype from their side Skype call as seen from Romania: Skype from their side

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