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Taking a rest in Istanbul

View from Galata Bridge
posted on 26 Mar 2016 Istanbul — 28 Nov 2015 View from Galata Bridge

After our intense time in Israel and Palestine -- I will write about this later -- Tomas and I went back to Istanbul. It was the time for us to relax a little bit and let our experiences sink in!

While Tomas went to university to catch up on some courses I explored the huge city by randomly walking around. I got my beard trimmed, drank lots of Turkish tea and took photos of the numerous mosques. The city is enormous, divided into a European part, an Asian part an Sultanahmet (the old city), so being there for only ten days was barely enough to experience and understand the city only a little bit. But it was enough to see I will go back there!

The grand bazaar Chandeliers everywhere Grand Bazaar Lights Turkish flags everywhere Flags everywhere

Some of the mosques: Hagia Sophia Yeni Cami Inside of small mosque Mosque from Galata bridge Europe view

Our 'gang' of friends Group X Group X

A fisherman selling fish in the streets Fisherman

My barber posing for the picture after I got my beard trimmed at his shop Kadikoy barber

Istanbul Umbrellas Istanbul street art

Sunset over the Sea of Marmara Sunset over the sea of Marmara

And of course, last but definitely not least, Atatürk, the man who shaped present day Turkey: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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