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Game drive in Tarangire National Park

posted on 16 Apr 2016 Tarangire — 2 Apr 2016 tarangire-elephant-charge.jpg

To relax and to give ourselves a treat after Mount Kilimanjaro my brother and I went on a wild life safari with some people we met during the hike. We opted on going on a one day safari to Tarangire National Park. It was still really expensive for a day trip, but it was a lot more affordable than going to Serengeti NP or Ngorongoro.

We agreed on leaving at 5 am in the morning to have enough time in the park to see many animals. However, we forgot we were still in Africa... At 5.30 am we got a message our driver/guide would arrive at 6.15 am. And when we finally left, the car broke down after 30 minutes.

After about an hour, we were on our way again in another safari jeep. And then the three hour drive turned out to be a four hour drive because of all the traffic.

But in the end we still saw a lot of animals, so we won't complain :-)!

And now the pictures...

The Tarangire river which streams through the park: Tarangire river Tarangire river

We saw some colorful birds with weird eyes: Weird eyes colorful bird

Some less colorful birds with weird heads: Weird head bird

Then a bunch of playful mongoose: Mongoose

A sneaky squirrel, eating our breadcrumbs at lunchtime: Squirrel

Different kinds of monkeys: Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey

And then we started seeing some of the bigger animals! I hadn't seen any big animals, except for camels, since I was in Africa. So this was exciting!!

First a lot of beautiful impala and gazelles: Impala Impala

Then some giraffes: Giraffe

And finally the majestic elephants: Charging elephant Elephants Frontal shot of elephant Elephant in full view Elephant lifting its trunk Elephant behind tree Elephant family hiding from the rain

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