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The Bethlehem Wall

posted on 22 Oct 2016 Bethlehem — 24 Nov 2015 Artwork

Many people know about the Berlin Wall. And that it was taken down in '89, uniting east and west Berlin. Tourists visit the Wall and its museums. Learning about the dark times and remembering themselves that this shouldn't happen again.

Not many people know about the Bethlehem Wall. It is still there. And it's three to four times higher than the Berlin Wall. It separates Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Palestine from Israel. It separates families. It separates farmers from their land.

The wall splits the city in twoThe wall splits the city in two It is a target during the almost daily riots. It's covered in paint, in an effort to block the IDF from watching over the rioters. And it is covered in graffiti artwork.

Street art on the WallStreet art on the Wall


A Banksy on the WallA Banksy on the Wall People try going from one side to the other. Climbing over the 12 metres high structure. Trying to get a glimpse of life in the other side. They manage with one rope with knots.


The Bethlehem WallThe Bethlehem Wall

People are still getting injured and killed on a regular basis. Close to the wall there is a constant smell and prickling of the eyes from tear gas. Next to bullet casings – Israeli munition – there lie marbles – Palestinian munition.

The huge Bethlehem WallThe huge Bethlehem Wall

A watchtower on the Bethlehem WallA watchtower on the Bethlehem Wall

A house enclosed on three sidesA house enclosed on three sides

<img class="post-photo" src="/photos/57dc27d7b22ac.jpg" alt="The Banksy "peace" dove" />The Banksy "peace" dove

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