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No more window
posted on 22 Nov 2021 Diemen — 21 Nov 2021 No more window

This is not the first update I wish I had to write on our trip but I need to get this off my chest.

After having cycled trough Noord Holland and Texel for about five days (which was amazing, more on that later) we returned back at our camper van only to find out it was broken into.

The side window was cleanly cut out of the frame and put on the roof. Easy access after that.

The window The window

We lost our cameras and other electronics. All my running clothes and shoes, backpacks and some smaller things. They even took the Tony Chocolonely Tineke got for my birthday :-( .

Luckily our documents were left behind:

Our documents Our documents

To be honest, we were a bit naive in thinking the car and everything in it would be safe. Especially around these parts of Europe.

Lessons learned: even in Holland we need to be very careful where to leave the camper van and not leave anything of value behind.

Today we will need to get the car fixed and then we will have a look at how to proceed. We will get over eventually and I am looking forward to having a (bitter) laugh about it.

But more so I am looking forward to travelling further into Europe and experience much nicer things!

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