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Hiking a highway

posted on 25 Feb 2016 Istanbul — 28 Nov 2015 istanbul-trucks.jpg

On my birthday, I was supposed to hitchhike from Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey. I planned to get up really early, have breakfast at 6 am and have a whole day of hitchhiking, so I could definitely get to Istanbul in one day. I had to because the next day I had booked a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, with a good friend of mine.

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The UFO building

posted on 20 Feb 2016 Buzludzha — 13 Nov 2015 buzludzha-view.jpg

During the Communist era, the communist party in Bulgaria decided to build a meeting place on top of a mountain in Buzludzha. It's a circular building, which floats a bit off of the ground. Therefore, it's nicknamed the UFO-building.

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Musala, the largest of the Balkans

posted on 19 Feb 2016 Musala — 9 Nov 2015 musala-top.jpg

Musala comes from "Musalla", meaning "close to god". It is the highest peak in the Rila mountain range and the highest in the entire Balkans. From the top the view is supposed to be amazing, offering a view over the whole mountain range. I climbed up and down in two days, but this time I was not that lucky with the weather.

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Impressions of Belgrade

posted on 5 Feb 2016 Belgrade — 3 Nov 2015 belgrade-church.jpg

Experiment at the Tesla museum showing tube lights lighting up, without the need for cables

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Walking to Serbia

posted on 24 Jan 2016 Belgrade — 3 Nov 2015 belgrade-welcome.jpg

I was quite confident that hitchhiking from Timișoara to Belgrade would not be that hard. The road was less than 3 hours long and I was hitchhiking into a capital. But I took my precautions anyway and tried to leave my Couchsurfer's apartment before noon.

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Romania: perfect for hitchhiking

posted on 16 Jan 2016 Timișoara — 1 Nov 2015 timisoara-church.jpg

Because of various reasons, I decided not to go to Bucharest after Sibiu. A lot of people on the way we're not very enthusiastic about the city, and I want to go back to Romania in the future anyway. I also needed to save some time because I had booked a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv. So I prepared myself to make my way to Serbia and I hitchhiked to Timișoara to spend my two last nights in Romania there.

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Skyping home

posted on 11 Jan 2016 Sibiu — 30 Oct 2015 sibiu-skype-scouts.png

From Brasov I hitchhiked the same road to Sibiu again, but not before making a stop in Codlea. I have a few friends from Berlin that are originally from that small town and I wanted to surprise them. There wasn't much to do there, so I just took a picture to proof that I had passed through the town.

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The Moldoveanu peak (day 2)

posted on 25 Dec 2015 Moldoveanu — 28 Oct 2015 moldoveanu-7-view.jpg

We got up early in the morning, we shared breakfast and started hiking again. Voytek and Christian decided to go swimming in the frozen lake a bit down, while I wanted to go to the top. So we said our goodbyes and split up.

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Romania's highest: the Moldoveanu peak (day 1)

posted on 23 Dec 2015 Moldoveanu — 28 Oct 2015 moldoveanu-3-view-hut.jpg

After visiting some cities I thought about hiking the highest mountain of Romania: the Moldoveanu in the Făgăraș mountain range. At 2544 meter, it was a bit lower than the Triglav in Slovenia.

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