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Pictures of Hebron

Drinking tea in the barn!
posted on 18 Sep 2016 Hebron — 20 Nov 2015 Drinking tea in the barn!

We came back to Hebron completely overwhelmed by what had happened in Nabi Saley. So we decided to help out with ISM where we could.

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Clashing with the IDF

posted on 27 Aug 2016 Nabi Saleh — 20 Nov 2015 nabi-saleh-sling-shot-gas.jpg

When we finished visiting Hebron Jan proposed to go to Ramallah where we could sleep in an ISM house and see the organization in action. Every Friday protests brake out in various cities and villages around Palestine and ISM wants to be present to report on anything bad happening during these demonstrations. This goes from Palestinians getting harassed, soldiers shooting tear gas to people getting shot and killed.

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The divided city of Hebron

posted on 26 May 2016 Hebron — 20 Nov 2015 hebron-palestine-flags.jpg

We were officially in Palestine now. Although "officially" might not be the right word, since officially Palestine is not recognized as a sovereign state by the UN. It has its own flag, its own license plates, but it doesn't have its own currency (anymore). The Israeli controlled checkpoints everywhere make it clear however that we crossed into Palestinian territory.

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A day in The Holy City

posted on 16 May 2016 Jerusalem — 18 Nov 2015 jerusalem-jesus.jpg

From the bus station on the west side of Jerusalem we walked along the Old Yaffa road. A modern street, lined with clothing shops and split in the middle by a tram line. Things slowly started to look different from here, hinting at the ongoing dispute between the Israel and Palestine. Everywhere soldiers were walking around with big machine guns, guarding every street corner. It was a strange sight!

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From Turkey to Israel ยท My first flight

posted on 9 May 2016 Tel Aviv — 16 Nov 2015 tel-aviv-hostel.jpg

The following articles are a series about Israel and Palestine. It's a bit different from other posts because it wasn't really about travelling around and going to nice tourist attractions. It was rather an exploration and a lesson in current and historical events and politics.

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Game drive in Tarangire National Park

posted on 16 Apr 2016 Tarangire — 2 Apr 2016 tarangire-elephant-charge.jpg

To relax and to give ourselves a treat after Mount Kilimanjaro my brother and I went on a wild life safari with some people we met during the hike. We opted on going on a one day safari to Tarangire National Park.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro: first of the Seven Summits; for two of us

Kilimanjaro summit!
posted on 3 Apr 2016 Kilimanjaro — 31 Mar 2016 Kilimanjaro summit!

Since I'm so much behind on my stories, and this has been a special week for me, I'll skip a few (actually many) stories and write about my hike on Mount Kilimanjaro!

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Taking a rest in Istanbul

View from Galata Bridge
posted on 26 Mar 2016 Istanbul — 28 Nov 2015 View from Galata Bridge

After our intense time in Israel and Palestine -- I will write about this later -- Tomas and I went back to Istanbul. It was the time for us to relax a little bit and let our experiences sink in!

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Hiking a highway

posted on 25 Feb 2016 Istanbul — 28 Nov 2015 istanbul-trucks.jpg

On my birthday, I was supposed to hitchhike from Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey. I planned to get up really early, have breakfast at 6 am and have a whole day of hitchhiking, so I could definitely get to Istanbul in one day. I had to because the next day I had booked a flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, with a good friend of mine.

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