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Photos: wooden churches of Maramureș

posted on 3 Dec 2015 Vişeu de Sus — 22 Oct 2015 ieud-church-old.jpg

The second day of hiking, I went to one of the top sights of Maramureș: the old wooden churches.

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Walking in Maramureș' hillside

posted on 3 Dec 2015 Vişeu de Sus — 22 Oct 2015 viseu-tent-view.jpg

The sunset over my tent

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The Merry Cemetery

posted on 1 Dec 2015 Săpânța — 21 Oct 2015 sapanta-cemetary-detail.jpg

The Maramures region is characterized by wood: houses made of wood, wooden gates of several hundred years old, wooden churches from the fourteenth century and wooden headstones.

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Romania's generosity

posted on 1 Dec 2015 Săpânța — 21 Oct 2015 sapanta-fish.jpg

From Oradea I continued further in Romania to Cluj-Napoca, the cultural capital of Transylvania, where I stayed with a friend of Bea for a couple of days. Before going more south and east I wanted to explore the beautiful Maramures region in the north of Romania.

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Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

posted on 28 Nov 2015 Oradea — 17 Oct 2015 oradea-theory.jpg

After taking public transport in Hungary I picked up hitchhiking again from Debrecen, Hungary, to Oradea, Romania.

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Rain is not my friend

posted on 13 Nov 2015 Bratislava — 12 Oct 2015 bratislava-rain.jpg

The day I started hitchhiking from Rakol'uby towards Hungary was quite gloomy again: it was cold, the sky was covered in clouds and it looked like it would start raining pretty soon. Nevertheless I tried to hitchhike towards Hungary anyway. I tried to go towards Nitra first, which would bring me on a highway towards Hungary.

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The last familiar faces

posted on 8 Nov 2015 Rakoluby — 13 Oct 2015 rakoluby-fire.jpg

The day after I arrived at my cousin's apartment in Bratislava we took the early morning train going to Nové Mesto. That particular train had a restaurant car which gave us the chance to have a nice breakfast to get the day started. Soon after arriving at the nice house in the village we drove to a small village somewhat further. As a little "work-and-travel" experience, I helped my cousin collecting nuts. A large part of which I later got back as provisions for the road, together with a liter (!) of Slivovitsa. This is a brandy made from fruits (mostly plums) and resembles Palinka, from Hungary and Rakia in general. For the Slivovitsa I got, Manu and Lucia had gathered the plums themselves.

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My second train experience...

posted on 7 Nov 2015 Bratislava — 12 Oct 2015 bratislava-frieten.jpg

After the five days of Budapest, I planned to go to Bratislava to meet my cousin who lives in Slovakia. From there we would take the train to Rakol'uby, a small village with a few hundred inhabitants.

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Our birthday present

posted on 24 Oct 2015 Budapest — 8 Oct 2015 budapest-underwater.jpg

Last year, me and 3 friends all turned 25 around October and November. To celebrate, we had organized a party for our friends. We asked them to not give us presents but instead give us a small donation, so we could go travelling together in the near future. After some discussion we decided to take a trip to Budapest for 4 or 5 days. Maxim, Wout and Louis would go there by plane, and I would make sure I got there by hitchhiking.

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