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Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

Oradea (17 Oct 2015) — posted on 28 Nov 2015

After taking public transport in Hungary I picked up hitchhiking again from Debrecen, Hungary, to Oradea, Romania.

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Rain is not my friend

Bratislava (12 Oct 2015) — posted on 13 Nov 2015

The day I started hitchhiking from Rakol'uby towards Hungary was quite gloomy again: it was cold, the sky was covered in clouds and it looked like it would start raining pretty soon. Nevertheless I tried to hitchhike towards Hungary anyway. I tried to go towards Nitra first, which would bring me on a highway towards Hungary.

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The last familiar faces

Rakoluby (13 Oct 2015) — posted on 08 Nov 2015

The day after I arrived at my cousin's apartment in Bratislava we took the early morning train going to Nové Mesto. That particular train had a restaurant car which gave us the chance to have a nice breakfast to get the day started. Soon after arriving at the nice house in the village we drove to a small village somewhat further. As a little "work-and-travel" experience, I helped my cousin collecting nuts. A large part of which I later got back as provisions for the road, together with a liter (!) of Slivovitsa. This is a brandy made from fruits (mostly plums) and resembles Palinka, from Hungary and Rakia in general. For the Slivovitsa I got, Manu and Lucia had gathered the plums themselves.

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My second train experience...

Bratislava (12 Oct 2015) — posted on 07 Nov 2015

After the five days of Budapest, I planned to go to Bratislava to meet my cousin who lives in Slovakia. From there we would take the train to Rakol'uby, a small village with a few hundred inhabitants.

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Our birthday present

Budapest (08 Oct 2015) — posted on 24 Oct 2015

Last year, me and 3 friends all turned 25 around October and November. To celebrate, we had organized a party for our friends. We asked them to not give us presents but instead give us a small donation, so we could go travelling together in the near future. After some discussion we decided to take a trip to Budapest for 4 or 5 days. Maxim, Wout and Louis would go there by plane, and I would make sure I got there by hitchhiking.

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Day 3: The summit!

Triglav (05 Oct 2015) — posted on 20 Oct 2015

Wow!!! When I got up on the third day the sky had completely cleared and everything around was covered in snow. The view was amazing!

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Day 2: rain, more rain and wind

Triglav (05 Oct 2015) — posted on 13 Oct 2015

The second day, Adam and I got up around 7 am. The weather looked OK at first, cloudy but dry. But as soon as we started walking after our breakfast, it was obvious that it actually wasn't. It rained the whole day through and although Adam could walk faster, because my backpack was heavier and I again had trouble with my glasses, we decided it was better to stay together. It was safer, because sometimes it was not that easy to see where we should go. And we at least had company in this horrible weather.

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Day 1: The winter room

Triglav (05 Oct 2015) — posted on 07 Oct 2015

When I got up on Saturday in Ljubljana it was raining quite a lot. So I did not know whether I would be able to make it to the Bohinj Jezero (Bohinj lake). From there I wanted to start hiking in the Triglav National Park with the purpose of climbing the Triglav, the highest mountain of Slovenia. By the time I got to the highway the rain had luckily stopped and I got picked up almost immediately. With three rides I got to Bohinj Bistrica and did bought some extra food for the next days. I think my backpack was weighing around 25 kg at that moment. From there I hitchhiked with two cars to a small place, called Ukanc, at the end of the lake and I could start my journey.

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Het Como-meer en de Amerikaanse Italiaan

Lago de Como (30 Sep 2015) — posted on 07 Oct 2015

Na Zürich zette ik mijn reis terug al liftend verder richting Milaan met een tussenstop aan het Comomeer of Lago de Como. Er loopt geen rechte autosnelweg tussen Zürich en Milaan, dus verwachtte ik mij wel aan enkele lange wachttijden aan de tankstations.

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Met de fiets!

Zürich (27 Sep 2015) — posted on 07 Oct 2015

De dag voor ik vertrok vanuit Albbruck naar Zürich, waar ik een bezoekje zou brengen aan de studentenstad van mijn neven, leed een gesprek ons naar het feit dat de afstand Albbruck – Zürich eigenlijk niet zo groot was en wel te overbruggen viel al wandelend of fietsend. Bleek dat één van mijn neven nog een fiets kon gebruiken in 't stad, wat ons tot de conclusie bracht dat ik met de fiets van Albbruck naar Zürich zou gaan. Met mijn zware rugzak zou dit evenwel niet lukken, dus nam Jonas mijn rugzak mee op de trein, en nam ik een kleinere zak mee met zijn gerief.

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